Sunday, December 18, 2005

I shall go to the ball...

It was a fantastic show for those who were able to watch it. I am talking about the Attic Christmas Special of course. And it was so much fun to be once again in BallerinaGurl's chatroom with so many fabulous bloggers.
Some people had problems with the feed, I was lucky to have perfect feed all the time. But it was frustrating to read that they couldn't watch the show. Boo hoo.
Also, during Mikey's song "Torture", completely coincidentally, we were talking about personal problems and the lyrics and Mikey's singing were like the perfect soundtrack, it was pure epiphany!!!

Tomorrow morning I will relax and listen to my newly acquired Casbah Club CD and then get ready for the annual Christmas Ball from work. Every year it's fabulous, luxurious, delicious food and people are dressed up lovely.
The music is usually c-r-a-p, but last year they had a live band which was absolutely incredible and I danced all night.
I hope they will be there tomorrow too.

Will post pictures taken with my new fab camera...


Kid Ric said...

Hey Marietta,

Great chat tonight.

Guest list is up on my blog.

I didn't miss it all. It was kind of like an old time video run a frame here a frame there with sporatic excellent music. Smile. All the special people who came. 32 in all if I counted correctly. Pretty cool.

Peace, love and light.

Tausha71979 said...

Hey Marietta,

It was so great to chat with you a bit! I really appreciate that Molly wants to keep up with the chats, it will be fun to do more! Have fun at the ball! Ooh I love the disco ball, I have one in my parents thought that it would be a fun gift for my 21st bday..LOL!


PTfan said...

Good morning Love,
Great chat last night. That was incredible to be a part of the Torture chat. It was divine, wasn't it?
The attic was fun as usual and I got a great consistant feed. I was also so sad for many of my friends who were havign problems.
I hope you have fun at your party. I had plans to go to my man's work Christmas party but the party was canceleed because they have to cut corners money wise so the party was canceleed.Isn't that sad. He and I were bummed. Oh well. We will still have a Merry Christmas!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,

I'm glad everyone had a good time chatting and watching the feed last night.

I jsut wanted to wish you a great time at the ball this week. I love this time of year, with the dressing up and endless rounds of parties. There's something magical about long dresses and pearls.


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Had fun at the chat last evening!
Even though I was on for only a short while.
You are all so great.

Have fun at your Christmas ball!
My party was lots of fun.
I'll post it on my blog for Monday.

Take Care.


Brina said...

Marietta dear,

Have a wonderful time at the Ball! You sound like Cinderella!

I love to dress up and go somewhere with wonderful live music.

In my now-over marriage, it was a point of contention, because he'd say, sometimes when we were getting ready for a date, "Why do you have to dress up?!" He liked me in overalls or jeans!


I hope you were glamorous and happy and had a brilliant time tonight. I've been staying home most of the weekend, feeling a bit putzy (under the weather).


Tausha71979 said...

Hey Marietta!

I hope that the party is fun! I think it must be over by now? I hope that you danced your feet off! I would so love to go to a party right now. I cannot wait until New Years! Anyway, hope to chat with you soon!


JoeBoy said...

Glad to hear all had fun. I am waiting on the Casbah Club CD to get here. Probably some guy in customs is listening to it.

BallerinaGurl said...

Got your blogs and HOW WAS IT? Did you take pics? Come on Cinderella dish about your new man you met at the ball and how the party rager LOL