Sunday, December 11, 2005


Event: The Basement Jam Loop Chat
Date: Sunday 11th December 2005
Time: 22.30 GMT - 17.30 EASTERN
Place: BallerinaGurl's ChatRoom
Hosted by: KidRic and little ol' mois
Special Guests: have been invited, watch this space!

Useful links: Towser TV, Time Zone converter

Be at the Chatroom 15 minutes prior to the loop, for canap├ęs cocktails and small talk...

Check here or at KidRic's blog for updates.


Tausha71979 said...

Can't wait! Plus you mentioned cocktails...always up for that!

BallerinaGurl said...


Be there or be Greek! LOL

Debby C said...

Hi Marietta - I won't be near a computer but I will be there with you all in spirit.....

pieter said...


Thank you for the reminder !!
Hope to be part of it someday.
Cant make it this time but next
time i will.17 december will be
Have a good chat and lots of fun.
BTW:Great Video !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marietta,

I agree with you that dogs are a lot of work, much more than cats. This is one reason we didn't get another dog once Sheba died.

I'm going to try to make it today! I have so many errands to do (we are hosting the big Christmas family dinner this year!!) but I will do my best to stop by. I actually watched a lot of the loop yesterday, but it would be great fun to hook up with everyone.


Anne-Marie said...

Anonymous? That was me, Anne-Marie, not anonymous. I wonder why it appeared that way- gotta check the settings.


Kid Ric said...

Great post Marietta.

This party should be grand.

I have ask Rachel again on her blog and posted a "Calling All Fans" comment there also.

I also invited Simon and Mikey.

Might help get Rachel there if you dropped her an email. Don't know how much she reads her blog comments. Just an idea.

Can't wait. Thanks for everything.

Peace, love and light.

L.A. Gal said...

Hi Marietta! You're so kind...thank you for the info. I'm going to do my best to skip out and catch the live chat for a bit. If not, have a blast!

Delbut said...

Hi Marietta. I really hope to make it. Just got in from playing a gig today. not eaten yet. If i dont make it, have a good one and give my love to the crew.