Friday, December 02, 2005

I love December in London!

Somerset House

I had to have it!

Glamorous Regent Street

People are asking me if I'll go home during Christmas. The answer every year is the same: No. a) Because I can't, I'm working and b) Because I don't want to.

I love spending December and Christmas in London. The city is so beautiful, full of lights and Christmas trees, red, green and gold everywhere, Father Christmas, gifts, people in coats, hats and gloves, I just love it.

For me and for some other people it's going to be work-work-work for the next two months, but when I come out of work and see the atmosphere around me I feel happy.

I love December in London! I love London in December!

I started writing on my Quiiiit blog again.

I will have something different every day until Christmas day, and after that I might write every now and then, to update you with my progress.
It's going v. well and people still can't believe it!

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greekzoe said...

Marietta, You are one lucky girl!
I am so proud of you not smoking!! Keep it up!
I have never been to London. I'll bet it is beautiful any time of year. Have a great time on Sunday. Don't forget to give us a full report for those of us unable to watch at home. You can be the official reporter. You put things so well.
Be good!

PTfan said...

Girl, you are so computer saavy! You do all kinds of cool things onyour blog.

The X-ray thing and the fortune cookie are hilarious! Definately put a smile on my face.

I'm so happy for you living where you want to live. I don't necesarilly want to live where I live right now. But if I could pick anywhere to live, I don't know anywhere that I would choose. I do commend you for picking up and going to where you want to be and that you are happy there. the photos and your descriptions are always delightful.

BallerinaGurl said...

BEAUTIFUL PICS! The third is not showing though..perhaps a glitch!

Well I will chat on Sunday. I am busy busy busy tomorrow. Perhaps will take some photos of me doing up the Tree! I said PERHAPS! LOL

Talk to you soon


Marietta said...

Has anyone else had promblems with the third picture?
Let me know.

Not that I know how to fix it, but I'll try, lol.

PTfan said...

Nope. I see it just fine.

Kid Ric said...

Beautiful pics. Thank you.

Have a wonderful time in the basement.

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