Friday, December 16, 2005

More Xmas tree photos...

...decent this time with a new better camera!

Yes, gift to myself, from me to me, with love, Marietta. With my December cigarette money of course!
I bought a new digi camera, which they promised me it's the best they can suggest for what I was asking for. Let's see...
At least the batteries don't run out every 15 minutes!

These are a few experimental pictures I took of my Christmas tree.

This is with no other lights on, just the Xmas tree ones

I love my Angels (and The Who on the background!)

and these "tears" or "drops" they are just magic with the lights

and of course the star on top!

If you want to learn about the Greek Christmas traditions scroll down 3 or 4 posts...

Tired from the long hours, I finally have the weekend off and I'm looking forward for the Xmas Special Pay Per View and the chat at BallerinaGurl's on Saturday night!!! Then on Sunday night my annual Christmas ball from work. Glamour, good food and music... Lovely days and nights!


Meg said...

Beautiful tree, I wish I could get into the Christmas spirit a bit more. Thanks for your well wishes, I will try to chat on Saturday but I make no promises I am treading into the unknown and I have no idea how I will feel.

BallerinaGurl said...

Oh I love it!!! You are too cute with your sweet tree. I love your lights on it too. Very chic! They look a bit like pearls, only colored!

Well I loved speaking and getting to know you better on the phone. Seriously I don't think you knew but I had one of the worst days of my life today and you truly made me smile and giggle! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to chat tomorrow. I am missing a family council that will be going on in my living room during the show. LOL and I already said "NO" I would not be able to make it....I love this "in the attic" excuse. hehe, and the fact that I paid for a ticket helps too.

OH listen to me procrastinate..I think my post is longer than your blog ROFL!

XX Molly

ADAM said...

Hello Marietta !,

Looking at pictures of fir trees covered in brightly colored decorations and tiny sparkling lights somehow reminds me of... Christmas time! CHRISTMAS TIME !!!??? Oh god !. We haven't even put ours up yet!. It will take days. The wife comes from Liverpool and it's part of her tradition, culture, and mission that we have to turn the house into an exact replica of Santa's Lapland grotto!
The Christmas Cd's have already been put into the changer and the constant bombardment of Bing bloody Crosby only serves as a constant background reminder as to just how bad it's going to get!.Let's put it this way...she has already bought his and hers Santa suits (for real). I have no choice but to 'get on with it'. The wife will be running around the house on Christmas day like she's a 5 year old that has been injected with Tartrazine. Meanwhile, I shall be wearing a bright red outfit, leaning against the kitchen wall with a can in my hand and a fag dangling out of mi gob. I can't wait!
Let's talk about 'Amadeus' instead. What a film !.No matter how many times I watch it I always find something I've missed. I still find myself absorbed into the film. The set designs alone must have cost a fortune!.
In this day and age we throw the word 'genius' around as though it was some-kind of disposable label. In my opinion there are very few people that deserve the title.In Mozart's case I think the word is an understatement. If I could of built a time machine I would of loved to have met him. Never-mind, I guess I'm just stuck with Pete Townshend...which is the closest I will ever get to meeting a genius!

Keep in touch


PTfan said...

That's so neat what you can keep doing with your cig $. The pictures are very pretty.

Gotta run. Talk to youtomorrow at the Attic chat!

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I love the photos of your tree. It sure makes a difference with a digital camera. WOW!
The little decorations are darling. My tree is covered with ones that my kids have made over the years.
I am going to post another picture of my tree today.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. You're so sweet.
It really is neat that we feel we can share all this "stuff".

Pete was & is a major inspiration for me. I am lucky that it didn't go anywhere nearly as far with me as it did him. I don't have nearly the pressures he did, either.LOL

So you're a Keith fan...
I am too. What a character, is all I can say. He is one person that I wish I had had the opportunity to meet.
Although it was Pete who caught my fancy because he was so smart.

I have always wanted to visit London. I had an aunt & uncle who lived there, but they both have passed away now.
Maybe I can pretend I smoked & save the money to travel there...

I am going to post on my blog now, then get ready for the day.

Take Care.
XXX Dale

Dale said...

Pete still IS smart...

AlianaDrex said...

I will miss Saturday. I will have it on in the room, but it is my son, Julian's 8th birthday. The show runs right at the same time as his party. so at least I'll get to hear it (unless he is playing his new drums!) Talk to you later,

Anne-Marie said...


the tree is beautiful, especially the angels. I'm sorry that I will miss all of you in the chatroom on Saturday- too many parties, and this online one would be a good one too.

Have fun!


Tausha71979 said...

Marietta, it's beautiful!!! Now that is a tree, I love the star! Hope that you don't have a doggy to pee on it;)

Take Care!

BallerinaGurl said...

Peek A Boo! It is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darn I thought I was done! Back to work for me...hehehe

jillytee said...

Hey Marietta! Ihave been soooooo busy, no chance to read or post anything....
Your tree is lovely!! So pretty..
I would love to have you guide us round Greece Oh what fun it would be , who knows one day we might just manage it?
Tomorrow I plan to do a decent blog and show our tree too
Jill xoxoxox

Nabonidus said...

aw, it's silly but I put your tree as
my wallpaper, it's so pretty and cheerful and festive..:)
BTW I love your sense of humor, Marietta.I meant ot tell you that a long time ago. xoxoLisa