Monday, December 12, 2005

Oh, what fun it is to chat!

Event: The Basement Jam Loop Chat
Date: Sunday 11th December 2005
Time: 10.30pm - 02.30am GMT
Place: BallerinaGurl's ChatRoom
Hosted by: KidRic and lil' ol' moi
Special Guests: Rachel Fuller and Stuee Ross!!! - Pete Townshend said hello through Rachel!
Participants - in alphabetical order:
Anne-Marie, Belinda, Ben Reeve, Case Sequence, Claire-Eliza, Dale, Delbut, Denise Purcell (whoiefromstlouie), Jack, Janey, Jlee, KidRic, Koos, Lisa (Nabonidus), Maria(E.L. Wisty), Marietta, Mary, Meg, Michelle (Lifeimmitatesart), Mike, Molly(BallerinaGurl), Pkeets, PTfan, Rai (Andrew - Jack's friend), Sue (Suesjoy), Tausha, Ticharu.
Special appearance: Lexi ( Mollyagain, BallerinaGurl's daughter.)

That was so much fun!!! Thirty of us watching the Basement Jam loop and chatting for four whole hours!

I went into the chatroom at around 10pm. My first question was by Rachel! This made me so happy! Our famous, adorable guest star had showed up!
BRILLIAN!!! (without a T, as Rachel says it, LOL)
I asked Rachel the question I forgot to ask last Sunday, if she's ever been to Greece and she said she's been to Halkidiki and she fell in love... That made me very happy and very proud of my beautiful little country!
Rachel hung around for another fifteen minutes, she said Pete was saying hi to all of us (*faint!*) and sadly she said goodbye. Thank you, Rachel for honouring us with your lovely presence, thank you Pete for acknowledging us!

People had already gathered round, including our host, KidRic and our lady of the manor, Molly. Bloggers were coming from UK, USA, Finland, the Netherlands and Canada if I remember correctly. Fingers were blistered and keyboards were on fire as each one was writing a little something and the lines were disappearing quickly from the screen. ROFLs, LOLs and BRBs were everywhere, :), ;-) and :o) were decorating the chat. Some people were coming and going due to problems with java and other technical difficulties. Talks about music, the show, Rachel, Pete, guitars, jazz, dreams, clothes, travel, invitations to each other's city, this was one fun chat! At some point I was chatting in three different windows! So funny!

So we went on like that for the next four hours. Twenty minutes before the end of the show, Stuart Ross, a.k.a. Stuee, Rachel's bassist came in to the chatroom. He's a fantastic chap, his humour was having us in stitches. And very talented too!!! Stuee, it's been real!

The show was coming to an end and sadly it was time for me to go. It was nearly 3am and I was working early in the morning. I said my bye byes and clicked on the X. I felt sad to leave, but I had a smile on my face because I had a blast!

Thank you Ric, for hosting and Molly for giving us your space! Kisses to both of you! And to everyone who took part: you're the coolest bloggers on the planet!

Please visit KidRic's blog for some hilarious excerpts from the chat.

Also, please do me a favour and visit my Quiiiiit blog . I’m doing a kind of survey and I would like your input. I’ll keep the same post for a couple of days so that I get some feedback…

Thank you!


Kid Ric said...

You are a hand full of aces. Thank you so much for being so cool at the chat. Sure wish you could be at the Christmas special I will be thinking of you. Thanks again. 30 people was pretty good I think. Moved so fast sometime I just could not keep up. You are all that and a bag of beans. Smiles.

Peace, love and light.

JoeBoy said...

Sorry I missed it M. I just don't seem to have time to myself these days. Ive been having a great time though. I guess I should just be happy about how I have been so fortunate.

Kid Ric said...

Who did I miss? I have 28 names. This is the list I have of our guests:

Marietta, E.L. Wisty, Jack, Rachel Fuller, Anne Marie, Meg, Claire - eliza, Ben Reeves, Lisa, Suesjoy, Case, Molly, PKeets, Janey, Rai, Mike, Denise, PTfan,Tausha, JLee, Dale, Stuee, Mary, Lifeimitatesart, Delbut, Belinda and me.

Peace, love and light.

BallerinaGurl said...

You are fab fab fab and brill as my mum would say!

I have the following but of course I came late so perhaps I missed some peeps:

Molly, KidRic, Marietta, RachelFuller, Stuee Ross, E.L.Wisty/Maria, delbut, Janey, Tausha, Belinda, Ane-Marie, Jack, lifeimitatesart, Mary, Claire-Eliza, Case, Mike, Ticharu, Denise Purcell, rai, pkeets, ptfan, Dale, Meg, Ben Reeves, Suesjoy/Sue, and JLee/Jen

Who am I missing?

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,

it was fun hanging out with you last night. It certainly honed my speed reading skills too. :)


Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. Ive been sick all weekend and forgot Greyhound Girl but I will bring it in Tuesday...I will chat tonight!!!!

Tausha71979 said...

Oh I had a wonderful time! Thanks so much to you & Kid Ric, you two were wonderful hosts:) It was really cool to see Rachel there as well, but my favorite part was chatting with ppl I usually only am able to interact with doing blog messages! You are such a doll, I can't wait to finally meet you in April! Ok hope you had a great day hun:)


Debby C said...

You guys were great when you were "in the attic"...lucky you

greekzoe said...

I am so sorry I missed the chat. Sounds like you had a great time!! I had to work:( Oh well. I saw you In the Attic! I was so thrilled for you.
Take care,

E.L. Wisty said...

As I in my blog it was such great fun and it was absolutely cool to have such a big crowd. Rachel was saying on her blog that she had great time in the chat. Hope that means she'll be willing to join another time. I doubt Pete can be persuaded to do the same though, being a busy musical genius :)

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Thanks for the help in the chat. Like I said, I just got back from skiing & checked in to see if anyone was still chatting. To my great delight, you all were!
I'd never been in a chat before & felt quite intimidated at first. But I knew I was among friends, so that helped. Thanks for being so sweet to me.
It was a wonderful interlude in a wonderful day!
I was bone tired after 3 days of skiing & being out of shape to begin with. LOL

Take care & I'll visit your quiiit blog.


Suesjoy said...

Hi Marietta!
Thank you for your kind comment.
Love your blog too!
Thanks for being a co-hostest with the mostest!
That was a fun chat. Too bad I managed to miss both Rachel and Stuee though.
Hope they join us again sometime.
I need my OWN computer! Daddy's buying me one for Christmas. What a guy.
Take care.
Peace, love and sunshine,

AlianaDrex said...

You are the official record keeper for anything I am EVER involved in. You are so detail oriented that I feel like I didn't miss a thing. I have been so busy with my daughter's ballet, I felt left out. ;^( But not after reading your posts. Thanks!

Michael said...

I paid on line but how do we like get in? michael :0 I loved you on the show BTW

Michael said...

Let me tell you a story, and believe me I have a lot of them and you will understand why. I left my dads dealerships at 17 years old to see what it was like on the outside. So a very good freind of mine Mark brought me to go to work merchandising for Kenny Rogers in New Hampshire. I said what the hell. All I did was stand there and sell progreams(which even Pete will say thats the big seller for Kenny Rogers) I made 1254.00 dollars and had the best time of my life and I partied my ass off. So over the years since 1986 I handled many, many, many toooooooo many bands merchandise. Yes including THE WHO, Roger's solo gig at small venues.
Well anyway, I would stand no further than 3 feet of Pete and I never approached him to tell him how much he, his music and his beliefs. It just wasnt good work ethic to hound your employer. Man I wish I wasnt such a geek. Now I collect all his autopraghs and other things and I buy all the stuff of his web site not just to listen to but to support him. So you dont know how lucky you are to have been where you were michael :) ps Greyhound Girl is up dont laugh at the vocals my kids were running around

BallerinaGurl said...

Lets talk tomorrow by phone if you can. Leaving this message here as I am too lazy to log back into my email! LOL

I have to run but just wanted to say hello!!

Kisses! FAB FAB FAB Post!! Thank you!!


Meg said...


Thanks for stopping by, I had a great time chatting with everybody even though I was only there for a little bit. Kept me on my toes, have to learn to read faster! Surgery is scheduled for Friday, I am hoping to be able to tune into the Christmas Special anyway, I guess we will see! Your quitting post was interesting, that subject just intrigues me! Thanks again.