Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year for the New Me!

Working on New Year's Day, and bloody hard too, is not very festive. But thankfully, I was home at about 7pm, watched the tape with the Vienna Concert (it was great!) and had a quick dinner. Tomorrow early call again...

Nevertheless, it is the time to set new rules for the New Year and for the New Me

  1. Well, the first one has usually to do with our health and appearance, so I'll start by saying: since I have already quit smoking I have to keep up the good work and spirit and also keep an eye on my diet and exercise. I love Pilates and swimming so that's what I'll do, until the bathing suit comes out of the drawer and into my suitcase. Now, if only I had a personal trainer and an indoor swimming pool...
  2. Remortgage the house, something I should have done a year ago and I keep postponing it. I have to schedule the following weeks around that goal and then, I'll be much better pocket-wise!
  3. Buy a car! I miss my car and I miss driving. I think this will be the year I buy myself a little something on four wheels. A Ferrari is out of the question at the moment, so I'll settle for a Scoda, LOL. No, not really, my favourite car is the old Mini, but the new one is not bad either. Or a Polo. Or a Clio. Or a Beatle. Oh, what the heck, anything with a good stereo to listen to The Who on the road is fine by me!
  4. Go to as many Who and Rachel gigs as possible. Life is too short and we should do whatever makes us happy. And there is nothing else in the world that makes me happier than music!
  5. Challenge myself a bit and go to the job market to see what's on offer. I love my job but I don't like the retail hours. I'm sure that there's something out there for my experience, knowledge, qualifications, talent, wit, amazing qualities and modesty!
  6. Spend more time with my goddaughter, who is growing up becoming sweet and beautiful and we love each other very much. Unfortunately with me working those long hours five days a week it's not easy, which brings us back to number 5.
  7. Save save save money to make that trip to Japan, which I've been dreaming since I was four years old. And take my lovely mother with me and treat her with the best.
  8. Expand my knowledge in classical music and literature. I know a few things but I'm thirsty to learn more. Buy my favourite operas on CD or DVD and listen carefully...! And read more!
  9. Send Christmas cards and gifts on time this year, pref. at the beginning of November and not in the middle of January as I'm going to do now!
  10. Last but not least: have fun, never cry over spilt milk, stop obsessing over a certain someone and be and feel fabulous!!!

I wish all of you to achieve whatever goal you set yourself on, this year.

Love, happiness and inner and outter peace!!!!!


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Good to hear you made it through work today ok.
Hope you enjoy the Vienna concert.

I have only one plan for this year - to follow up on my resolve.
I think it will be relatively easy.

Had a bit of a sleepless NYE, as my 15 year old decided to go to a party without telling us.
I can't help but worry.

Then we received a call from my husband's family dealing with a serious family matter. They all live so far away & we can't be there, so it's just wait & see.

So far, our 2006 has been a bit rocky, although relief on my part to discover my daughter was only down the road & is home safe & sound.

When I have more time I will post on my blog.


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
Wow, that is one serious list of resolutions. I think it's great to have plans and dreams, though, especially concrete ones like yours which are easily measured and realistic.
I'm resolving to try to be kinder to people I have less tolerance for, and to get myself in better physical form to keep my arthritic self under better control. Anything else is just gravy. As ever, living in the moment is also highly on my to-do list, but that's a continuous goal rather than a resolution.

Glad to see you enjoyed the Vienna Concert. Good luck with the New You, not that there was much wrong with the Old You.


Claire Eliza said...

Good goals. I'm trying to cut back on eating bad food and also to excersise more. I hope I really do this time.
Classical music is a form of music I am not too familiar with, we play some in band this year though, which is helping me become more interested.
I need to stop obsessing over some people also, it will just lead to nothing.
I hope you have a GREAT year, I love blogging with you.
- claire -

Delbut said...

Hi, happy new year to you. I hope you get to do all the goals. I laughed at the christmas card one, good idea. perhaps you should send them now for next xmas.

Michael said...

My New Years Res... Blog like a madman..... kiddin. Yeah the DVD Sherry kept tellin me in November not to get it so I figured I would be getting it for Christmas...michael :)

Michael said...

Do you have the overnight address for Rachel? I have sent a package for the donation 2 times and both times its come back. Maybe the postal code I have is wrong. I also have a bunch of gifts I have packaged but I dont want to send it till I know its right....michael :)

greekzoe said...

I hope you accomplish everything on your list. You are a better woman than I as I don't even have a list.:)

I'm glad you got to watch your concert.

You are an inspiration to me and I think I will go and make a list too!


Tausha71979 said...

Dear Marietta,

Lovely resolutions! I too need a car, I sold mine it was getting on my nerves. Though I have to say, what I miss most is riding around listening to music, & just having the time to myself:) I'm glad that you got to watch the tape, & you enjoyed it I'm sure! I didn't see it here, or catch it. I was far too drunk on New Year's, I could have been running naked down the street & wouldn't have known! Hope to chat with you on Sunday!


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, I like your resolutions. I have lots, one is to lose weight,one is to have more fun this year than last (if that's possible)one target is to have my photo taken with PT. Time for bed now as it's work tomorrow. See ya! Mark

RM said...

Hey Marietta

I like your resolutions - you've got a good range and they all seem to be pretty realistic. I just blogged about this topic - This year I'm going to try to manage friendships and relationships so I don't feel isolated from time to time.

Congrats on quitting smoking by the way :) I'd miss driving like crazy if I lost my car so I hope you can fulfill that one. And for the record I've heard great things about Japan. Do you know where you want to visit?

Good luck with your list - I hope you can look back in 360-odd days and have them all ticked off


Kid Ric said...

Hey Marietta,

Happy, Happy 2006.

Looks like you have it all wrapped up for the new year. Tremendous resolutions I'd say. Whoa! Japan? Can I come? We could visit Boo and Blue. Maybe we can both get on the Who guest list. Smiles with envy.

See you Sunday?

Get the fix in 2006!

Peace, love and light.

Debby C said...

Hi Marietta - I love your goals for 2006. I know you will achieve every single one of them. I especially like the one about seeing all the gigs of the Who and Rachel...that's my goal too.

Meg said...

I wish you a wonderful 2006. Your goals for the year are inspiration for all of us! You have inspired me to make a list of my own! Thanks

blue said...

Hi Marietta!

Your resolutions sounds great! Rock'n Roll!!

One of mine is going to The Who and Rachel's gig by all means! Life is short as you told,so we should do what I want to do as much as possible.

If The Who tour come to Japan,please come to Japan,Marietta.You are very welcome.

Wish you happy healthy year 2006!

Lots of kisses
xoxo Tomoko

BallerinaGurl said...

Love the new years resolutions!!

THanks for your sweet notes. I seriously have not checked email for almost 42 just now getting back to everyone, but I have to run....I get in this cleaning kick and if you get me out of it then bad news! LOL

Blog to you more on Thurs. Dentist tomorrow as well as a visit to my new widowed Grandmother and then more cleaning!


PTfan said...

Hey Girl! Happy New Year! I wil l come back and read your blog later. I just wanted to stop in and say Hi!!!! I missed you.

Suesjoy said...

Hi Marietta!
Well I'm impressed with your resolutions!
I'm not so brave...I'm afraid to make resolutions for fear I won't keep them.
Every year I say, "I'm going to lose weight" which is probably too vague...and every year I keep gaining weight. Wah! Maybe this will be the year...
See you Sunday at Molly's!
Have a wonderful New Year - may all your dreams come true.

BallerinaGurl said...

Ferrari's are nice! LOL

Koos F said...

Sweet Marietta

Same to you and more (best wishes, thanks so much for those).
I watch amazed how much colour you put into your pages. Do you have a web design background or is this just the result of patiently discovering how these blog pages work?
I wouldn't have a clue!
You and your mom must be great to be with.
A pretty pair you are - and you write with such fondness about her...

Kid Ric said...

Hi Marietta,

Thinking of you. Thought I woud say hello.

As for a set list? Yes, I have them in .doc format. Guess I could build a link on my blog for them. I'll give it a go.

Hope this finds you well.

See you Sunday. Simon has said he will stop by and Mikey might too.

Peace, love and light,

Gary said...

Hi Marietta,
Yes, Johnny Nash was great.. Woke up humming that tune and have been in a good mood all day. I think I need to tape the lyrics up at work.

Hope you are doing well.


AlianaDrex said...

I sounds like a great new year for you!