Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bloody floody

So on Thursday, after I finish work I receive a text message by my flatmate: "Call me ASAP!"
I immediately knew there was something wrong.
I call her and she tells me the following: my downstairs neighbour has come to see me because his ceiling is all dump and this morning it was dripping. Apparently my dishwasher is leaking and has flooded my floor and his ceiling.

When I got home I saw that my wooden floor in the kitchen has a bump in the middle, which means that I have to go uphill while I walk in there. And it also makes a squelchy noise when you step on it, which means there is water underneath it. Marvellous!

I took a couple of plinths out and saw the mess you see above.
But the mess is not coming from the dishwasher. It comes from the right, where all the pipes are. That means two things: either a) my washing machine is leaking which is OK, or b) some pipe underneath the floor has burst.
There goes my kitchen.

I have to explain that my kitchen is the pride and joy of my flat. I designed it myself and it took me quite a lot of research to find the exact units and appliances. I love my kitchen very much and this situation now just pisses me off!!!
The plumber has been called and he's coming on Wednesday. I hope we can repair the leak with the minimum damage.

I decided that if the kitchen has to be ripped, I will take pictures and maybe shoot a home video to make it like a continuing story. I'll call it "The Flood Saga"...

Quelle catastrophe!


blue said...

Dear Marietta,

I'm so sorry for your accident.I know how you feel very well.
I have get flooded my office( July 2004 when The Who came to JAPAN as you see in TOWSER TV now).The river near my office flooded.The water came up to my knees!! Many houses around here broke with water.It was DISASTER..,that's why I couldn't go to see The Who in YOKOHAMA then. It was another DISASTER...

Hope your kitchen you are proud of get back to normal soon and looking to forwad to seeing your masterpiece"The Flood Saga! "haha.

I'm going to see SAYURI(The Memory of Geisha) this afternoon!!

Love and hugs,
xoxo Tomoko

Brina said...

Dear Marietta, I'm so sorry you got flooded. Awful!

I survived my horrible hard week and just tonight put up a bright, smiling photo on my blog. You should go see it if you want to see what a Survivor looks like. And you are one too, love, Brina

Meg said...

That is too bad about the flood! I can only imagine the nightmare that lies ahead in that repair. Well look on the bright side, maybe the plumber will be really cute!

Good Luck and hopefully your prized kitchen will be up and running soon!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Marietta,

Wow, there's nothing worse than flooding - I feel so badly for your situation!! What a pain to repair. I hope you can get your glorious kitchen back to the way it was ASAP. :)

Mary Beth

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I feel how disappointed, frustrated & discouraged you must be.

Wow! A floating floor...

I'm thinking of you.
Good luck with the repairs.


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, sorry to hear about your floor. Hopefully it will not be the pipes under the floor that are leaking. These things are sent to try us so the saying goes. But life is trying enough without these disasters. Hope you sort it out OK. Mark

Anne-Marie said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry about the floor. What a mess! I hope the plumbers find the cause and that you won't have too much trouble repairing the damage.


Meg said...


It is nice to be thought of, thanks! Are you looking forward to turning 40 or regreting it? I think it is great, personally but then again I still feel like I am 26! I had planned to come to the convention but I have some big time logistics to work out at home before I can commit 100%. If I do come we will be sure to meet up!

Gary said...

Oh No!! you need this like you need a hole in the head. Sorry girl.

Tausha71979 said...

hello sweets,

Oh what shit, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitchen:( I too hope that it is nothing to drastic, & that all can be repaired in good time..also easily! That plumber had better be sexy is all I have to say! Please do keep us posted, my thoughts are with you..don't worry it'll be ok:)


Debby C said...

Dear Marietta, I am so sorry about your kitchen. Look at it this way, as nice as it was, you can make even more beautiful. Good luck on your diet keep me posted. Although I didnt think you needed to diet.

E.L. Wisty said...

Awh, what a nightmare :/ I really really hope you don't have to take the entire kitchen apart!

greekzoe said...

Marietta, you poor dear. I am sorry this happened to you. Your nice hardwood floors. Your poor kitchen! That sucks!:(

I sure hope it is an easy fix and that it won't be too big of a job. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

I will send positive thoughts your way.


PTfan said...

Oh I'm so sorry. That is bad news indeed. It's so time consuming, energy and money draining...Not to mention just a plain old pain in the rear end! I'm sorry! For sure let us know hwo this progresses.

JoeBoy said...

I hope it all gets put back together soon. You can make it your pride and joy again.

PTfan said...

I saw your comment on Molly's blog. What does PML! mean? I am so chat illiterate!

I hope this job turns out easier and less expensive that you are imagining. Keep your chin up deary.