Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thank God!

Well, the plumber did an excellent job!
The problem came from the dishwasher's pipes and he fixed everything. Hopefully the problem is solved!!!
My kitchen was like a construction site after he left and I spent all afternoon cleaning and putting the place back into order. And of course, put the dishwasher on! What a relief...
Now, all I have to do is fix my...hilly floor, but I'll do that in a months time, during my holiday.

You solve one problem and another one is created. Ugh!
My connection was screwed up again... But this time I called AOL nearly shouting at them, but thankfully a very helpful man managed to reconnect me.

Is there anything else going to happen? LOL!

I am tired but happy :o) I'll post pictures of my kitchen and visit your blogs tomorrow...
Good night.


PTfan said...

Shew. Glad that's done! Well, sorta. Just gotta deal withteh floor. Glad the water prob is fixed though.

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Good that's over, eh!

I love the hilly floor idea.

An old song comes to mind
"Over hill over dale
We will ride the dusty trail..."

Just don't stub your toe on it in the dark!


Mary Beth said...

Yay for you! That must be a load off your mind. I know I would be freaking out if something like that happened to me. I think I could deal with the hilly floor for a bit, though, as long as my dishwasher was fixed! :)

jillytee said...

Hey Marietta, glad you've got your kitchen back and are notswimming in anymore
Jill xxoxx

Tausha71979 said...

Hi sweetheart,

I'm glad to hear that all is fixed in the kitchen! Though you never said what the plumber looked like? Was he a stud with a nice crack & handy belt?? Also, I know what you mean about calling AOL and shouting I used to do that alot..usually I had someone that couldn't understand me and just hung up..LOL! talk to you soon:)


PTfan said...

Hey, did you ever introduce your flat-mate to blog world? Put up a picture or anything so we can meet her? If you did I missed it. If you didn't, do you want to?

Debby C said...

Hi Marietta - I wanted to stop by and say "hi" and glad to hear your "back on track". It is still crazy here but I haven't forgotten about that picture of the poster and as soon as I can I will email it to you. Have a great day..

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
Good to know the kitchen has been fixed! That must be a great relief.


greekzoe said...

Hi M,

I'm glad your ordeal is over and all is well, except the hilly floor. I think you should keep it that way. It sound very unique.

Καλη νυχτα


ADAM said...

Hello Marrieta,

Just a brief note to say hello and ask how you are.


JoeBoy said...

Hilly Floor was a torch singer.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, glad that you've got the kitchen sorted. Now you can enjoy the wekend. That's if you're not working. Have a good one. Mark