Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Before the plumber comes, let's listen to some music

The Best Sixties Summer...Ever!

Well, what's the use of crying over spilt...water? Let's have some fun, some nostalgia with the next album: A sixties compilation!

I love the sixties! The music was so original, innovative, cheerful, naive... This compilation has a little bit of everything - the innovation and harmonies of the Beach Boys, the cheekiness of The Monkees, mod sounds by The Small Faces, psychedelic sounds by Jethro Tull and the magical Something In The Air, which Pete has produced. 53 eternal songs. I call it HAPPY MUSIC

From this compilation I've transferred the following songs:

Pretty Flamingo - Manfred Mann
Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck
Doo Wah Diddy Diddy - Manfred Mann
Bus Stop - Hollies
San Francisco - Scott McKenzie
I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
Summer In The City - Lovin' Spoonful
Itchycoo Park - Small Faces
Waterloo Sunset - Kinks
I Get The Sweetest Feeling - Jackie Wilson
Something In The Air - Thunderclap Newman
I'm Into Something Good - Herman's Hermits
Sweets For My Sweet - Drifters
Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka
I'm Alive - Hollies
Daydream Believer - Monkees
Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran
Sunny Afternoon - Kinks
Love Is All Around - Troggs
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Animals
Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
Lazy Sunday - Small Faces
Do You Want To Know A Secret -Billy J.Kramer & The Dakotas
Wipeout - Surfaris
Under The Boardwalk - Drifters
Up Up And Away - Johnny Mann Singers
Living In The Past - Jethro Tull

LISTEN TO IT: I can listen to 60s music any time of the day. I work better when I listen to these songs. They make me happy so I would recommend you to listen to it whenever you feel like it. If you feel sad it will make you feel much better, if you feel happy, it will make you feel like a little kid. Singalong is mandatory!


jillytee said...

Hey Marietta! I remember every single track on your list first time around. They bring back so many good memories of good and not so good times(falling in and out of love)! The 60s really were the best and growing up in Londonat that time was fantasic.
jill xxooxx

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

You will have fun waiting for the plumber!

I can relate to every song on your list.
My special favourites are Bus Stop & Ichycoo Park, but I love them all!

Good to see you're bouncing back, too!

You're right, what is up with 2006?
It can only get better from here!

Fingers crossed for snow in London.


Dale said...

Hi Marietta

It's me, again.
Just to let you know that "Beth Rocks", who commented on PTfan's blog, is my daughter.
Pretty great kid - of course, I'd know - LOL!

Check out her blog if you get a chance.


blue said...
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blue said...

Hi Marietta!

My favorite one is Sunny Afternoon!
It's so melancholy. I love it.I love it.I love it!!! Makes me cry everytime I listen to .

What a nice title!!
I love the way you live.You are very positive and cheerful.

Marietta, do you have a DVD of The Who in Yokohama? I recorded it, when it was broadcasted on TV. If you want, I can copy and send it for you.
Maybe in UK region 2 same as in Japan??

xoxo Tomoko

Mary Beth said...

Oh, I love "Summer in the City"!! One of my favourites! I totally agree with you that this stuff is awesome feel-good stuff. You can't help but be happy and want to dance to it. When I'd be in the car with my Mom and 2 aunts, we'd all be listening to this stuff (as it was from their youth) and singing along at the top of our lungs. LOL! People often wonder why I know all the lyrics to this stuff, and I guess those car rides have something to do with it. :)

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, I was in my teens in the sixties. Great times. I could overload your Blog if I told you about all the bands I saw. Is the kitchen floor dry yet? Hope work is OK and you are not working too hard. Mark

JoeBoy said...

Check out who produced Thunderclap Newman. Some geezer named Pete Townshend.

greekzoe said...

Ahhh, the 60's. Gotta love them. It's my favorite decade. Maybe because I was just a kid and life was much easier then. A lot of good times.

Listening to these songs brings me back if only for a moment...

Hope the plumber has good news for you!


greekzoe said...
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Mike S said...

Great list of songs Marietta!
I too love the 60's songs.There
a radio station here that plays
most of those songs on your list.
I can identify with plumbing problems as our pipes bursted
last months and destroyed the
tiling,the counter top and they
had to cut open the back wall to
get to the pipes in the wall.The
bill was $500 to fix but will be
another $5,000 to replace the tile
and counter top and other stuff
ruined by the water.Good luck with