Monday, January 09, 2006

I hate AOL!


Quick post from work here, I wrote it sneakily as a word document, copied it, pasted it and hit Publish, I’m not allowed to surf as you know, so I hope I won’t get the sack.

I have problems with AOL. Last night I was at Molly’s chatroom and having a great time, when at about midnight. I got disconnected and couldn’t connect anymore. I stayed up until 2:30 am to solve the problem and the problem wasn’t solved.
It won’t recognise my modem, although Saturday I re-installed the drivers and AOL software, because I had exactly the same problem at the same time...???? B&*%£$%rds!

I have to call them tonight when I go back home from work and solve this problem, although I have a feeling they will tell me the same bull I see on their Help section: “re-install software, re-install modem, check the connections, contact your computer manufacturer, jump around the room three times and say KILIMANJARO- KILIMANJARO- KILIMANJARO”

So, erm…I don’t know if you’ll see me again, LOL!


BallerinaGurl said...

awwww that sucks!

Hope you work it out. We missed you the last part of the chat for sure!

The part when we all were low key and not with headaches! lol


Debby C said...

Hi Marietta - Sorry I missed the chat. Like I told Molly, I am not usually on the computer on the weekends since I spend about 10 hours a day on it during the week. I'm sorry you were having problems with AOL, I have them as well and I usually have good luck with them. I hope you have a great day!

blue said...
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blue said...

Dear Marietta

Awww...So sorry to hear about your ...???? B&*%£$%rds! problem.
If I were in London,I could rush to yours and try to find out what's wrong.I know how you feel because I can't live without internet, either.

Hope you work it out soon.

xoxo Tomoko

P.S.Sorry you coulndn't get into mine the other day.Then my PC was clashed,and forgot login password,
and created contempolary new blog account.

JoeBoy said...

Hello M,
I have been off line a little bit. Had an accident, but much better now. All ISPs have their problems. AOL is just so huge, It takes a while to get thing sorted out.

Tausha71979 said...

Hey Marietta,

That really bites, I got rid of AOL because of that problem! I switched over to our local cable, & took on netscape. It seems to be better:) I hope that we see you again, that would be a bummer if not. I kept getting booted from the chat last night, so I don't really know what happened. Hope that work is going well sweets!


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, hope that you get the problem sorted out. Good fun on the chat last night but it was quite hectic at times. Hope you don't get the sack. I'll put in a good word for you if they do try to sack you. Not that it would make any difference. See ya! Mark

greekzoe said...

Hi Marietta,
I am so sorry to hear about your cat Kou Kou. How sad. My heart goes out to you. :(
I hate AOL too. That is why I don't have it.
Hope to see you around blogland!


Mark T said...

Hi Sweetie, hope the AOL probs get sorted, it would be sooooooo boring without you!
Jill xoxox

Anne-Marie said...

I'm sorry you're having computer problems, Marietta. If we lived in London, I would dispatch my lovely housegeek to your rescue. I do rent him out, you know. Good luck getting it all sorted out.


PTfan said...

Ugh! Computer problems are so stinkin' time consuming! I hate it. I definately miss you. You'll be back up in no time, I am sure.

Mike S said...

You not alone Marietta,I have had
so many problems with AOL,but ever
since I got a DSL router hooked up
and I had to have my dial up disabled and work through internet
explorer and signing onto AOL
via that route,it seems to have
cured my probles for now.But I
say that very cautiosly and I
superstitiously knock on wood.
Which would me bloody head(or noggin)which slang for head
hear in backwards USA,LOL!

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I know how annoying a down computer can be! Mine has just returned to life after a week or so.
I missed you all in blogland!
I also missed the chat...
Bloody H*ll.
How was it - the part you attended - anyway?

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was nice to return to a few comments on my last post.

Take care & if I don't see you or hear from you, I'll be thinking of you.