Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tonight He is betrayed

Have you ever felt betrayed?
Have you felt that you have given a person more than enough and you love them more than you should and never got anything back but bitterness and ungratefulness?
Dishonesty and cheat?
I am not talking only for boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands and wives...The worst betrayal I've felt was by friends. One or two...And the hurt and the crying was more than being punched in the stomach.

Like it must have been for Jesus. One of his trusted pupils, his followers, his friend, had betrayed him. For money.
But, as Jesus did, we sometimes forgive our traitors.
Because they are our weakness.
That is why it hurts so much. That is why we always hope that they will change. That is why we miss their company all the time. And that is why we never stop loving them, even though they betrayed our love.


Dale said...

Dear Marietta


Very powerful stuff!

It comes at the right moment for me.

I am dealing with my 15 year old daughter right now, whom I feel often betrays my trust & takes advantage of me.
I love her so totally unconditionally that I will always be here for her, even if I am feeling hurt & betrayed.

There is nothing more fierce than a mother's love.
There is nothing more forgiving as well...


PTfan said...

You know what's horrible? I have been the betrayer before. Horrible.I wish I could go back and un-do it all. Sometimes people bring out the worst in you, and someone did, and I was surprised to find out what was deep down inside. I was surprised that I was capable of betrayal. I thank God for His forgiveness. Unfortunatley, people are not always as gracious as God is.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
First of all, Happy Easter this weekend!
Great post- I am hoping to find the time to read up some more on the newly discovered Gospels of Judas, which would throw things in a different light, depending on what they turn out to say.
As far as being betrayed, yes, it has happened to me too many times. My ex-hubby broke my heart, though I did forgive him and we are now on a very civil level together and enough time has passed by for me to look back fondly.
With friends who have betrayed me and used me without wanting to work things out (whether the falling out was my fault, their, or a combined one), I am usually very unforgiving. I don't think there is anything in the world that people can't work out or work through with dialogue and a willingness to change, so when people just take the easy out and walk away, it makes me lose respect for them and I dismiss whatever may have been between us because a refusal to work things out is a worse betrayal than anything else that may have happened. Ooh, I am sounding like a meanie, but that's how I feel.

Happy Easter, sweetheart. I hope it's a good one for you.


Anne-Marie said...

I read your reply on my blog and just wanted to say that you're quite wonderful the way you are. I'll growl at the bad people for you if you want, though, okay? You just tell me who they are. :)


blue said...

Dear Marietta

Please remember I am/will be on your side.

Love and trust
Tomoko xx

Dale said...

Happy Easter, Marietta and Mum!!!

Nabonidus said...

Wow! And I know how this is! I've had to get rid of two toxic friends in the past couple of years, it perfectly describes these people that were supposed to be my friends.So-called friends. This pisses me off, if I understand this post...
The thing is, I stayed friends with those people for years because I was loyal.I was a loyal friend, but they weren't.
Don't stay friends with people that don't deserve it, Marietta. Not if they are toxic friends. Like I said, I stayed friends with these people for years and they kept doing things every so often to hurt me or use me, and I still would let it go.The past couple of years have been getting way better since I stopped the "friendship". It was no real friendship. Not on their part anyway.
Maybe your friend isn't as bad as in my life that led to my dropping them.
But if they are toxic friends, then don't hang on to them, let them go! You have other friends!xoxoLisa

Suesjoy said...

Sorry Marietta.
Yes I know how you feel. It's so hard. But I have also betrayed friends in the past...not maliciously, but I have let friendships slide, which is a form of betrayal, perhaps.
I did actually betray one friend who just drove me up the wall. I couldn't take her antics and insanity any longer, but I do think of her and hear about her through the grapevine. I feel badly not returning her calls, because she really loved me alot (too much, maybe???). I didn't handle her very well. Sometimes you grow out of friendships, as in romantic relationships.
I am trying to be a better friend now, because I realize how precious (and RARE) true friendship is. I don't have alot of friends ("you can count 'em on one hand"), but I am very friendly and love people. I'm a strange bird...
Well, take care Marietta. Nice chatting w/ you the other night. (I get goofy in the chatroom sometimes! It's fun. I think delbut brings it out...).
I linked you, btw!
I finally learned how to do it a few weeks back!
See ya,

Antoinette said...

Tonight my daughter betrayed me by phoning and telling us she has been secretly married for 20 months(she is 20 now and still in college-totally supported by us).When my husband was out of work we sold our last bit of stock to keep her in school-she was married then. We went down to her town to talk and were berated for calling her "selfish." She and her 'husband'-who has no job but did not tell his dad about the marriage until he is graduating this month warned me not to cuss"Don't you talk to my WIFE this way!!"-they are "good" christians. We feel horribly betrayed.They sealed this by blaming me for eroding her self esteem,saying we need to get over this and my new son in law-(Gawd) laughing as we expressed concern.


Brina said...

Dear Marietta,

In a word, yes.


Suesjoy said...

ok I take that back - I have alot of friends! I'm just feeling lonely in Taipei! But I am learning how to be a better friend...and it sounds corny, but you have to be "your own best friend" first...yeah I think that was a book... :)