Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So, I managed to publish 96 blog entries and have 2030 people look at my profile, in the past 6 months! That's more people than the population of a small Greek city! LOL...
I don't know about you, but this fascinates me!
What technology, the internet and just one little laptop with a wire can do...

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What have I gained from this experience?

New fantastic friends is the first and best thing!
Few freebies from Rachel is the next one!
Endless hours of fun reading so many interesting blogs, laughing my heart out and putting my mind into deep thoughts. Sometime all at the same time!
And so much therapy, just by writing in here and reading all your kind comments. Beats any shrink!!!

We have been through a lot you and I...

To all who took the time to visit my blog and read my profile, Cheers!

To some of you, to which I haven't visited for a long time and to very few of you to which I have never commented, Sorry! I will soon, it's just those blasted working hours...

And to every new friend that has commented, emailed, called and has met me: I'm so happy to have met you and I treasure our friendship!



JoeBoy said...

This has been a wonderful experience for me too. Blogging cures the blues, so I have to say DITTO. You are awesome. Hope your not working too much. I was coming to England in July. That has changed. I hope to meet you in person someday M.

Grace said...

I did not start the blogging thing until Rachel's. And did not really venture out very much in the beginning. I am enjoying the experience. Very interesting all this technology. Sweet comments to your fellow bloggers.

PTfan said...

: )

blue said...

Hi Marietta!

Yeeeeeeeeeeees!!I agree with you.Blogging is ROCK'N ROLL♪
It makes us ONE through internet.

Rachel made me start blogging in I'm not good at English,that takes me friends no matter where they live and makes me so happy.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Thanks for being my friend.
Everytime I visit your blog, it gives me ENERGY.


Tomoko xx

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, yes Blogging is fun and therapy. It takes up so much time though, but it's all worth it!! Have you sorted the Spanish problem out? We were going to see The Vibrants in Wimbledon tonight but I've just looked at the website and it's sold out. Oh wll. Have a lovely Easter. Hope you have some time off!! Mark

greekzoe said...

Awww Marietta!

I am glad that I have "met" you here in blogland. Everyone here is so nice and funny and smart and I could go on and on. You couldn't find a nicer bunch of people we have here in our little community.

I wish you a million more posts!! I truly enjoy reading them. You are a gem Marietta!

Hope we can meet for real some day.


I won't wish you a "Happy Easter" yet as ours is next week;)

Mary Beth said...

Hi Marietta,

At first, I wasn't sure about this whole blogging thing - I didn't know too many people with a blog (one, to be exact!), and who would read my blog, I thought? Nobody knows me.... Now I'm so addicted, and I've met so many wonderful people on here! Technology is amazing. :)

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
What a sweet tribute to your fellow bloggers! I've been in tech land for about nine years, and met some great people in real life after meeting them online. It's a new way to meet people whose ideas or interests you share, for the most part. Unlike Joe, I am passing through England in July and would love to meet up for tea and a chat.


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Cheers, to you, my friend!

I second you on this post, for sure!

I, too, have met a wealth of new friends right here.
I've never chatted on line & had no desire to.
It was Rachel who turned me onto blogging. I first read about her on Pete's site & was going to e-mail her when I discovered her blogsite.
What an amazing opportunity - to be in contact with Pete, my hero, & Rachel, who's CD I already owned.

Now, through both those wonderful people, I've met some other great friends, including you, Marietta!

Another thing about this blogging, is it's allowing my creative side some exersise!

Thanks for the heartfelt post.

Please give my regards to your Mum.


AlianaDrex said...

96 interesting posts! That is what you forgot to add. I love reading them. You convey your thoughts beautifully and I am so glad I found you!

Meg said...

I can't tell you how much pleasure I derive from blogging and the other boards I post on and then to meet some of these people in person was wonderful. You very much included in that. I can't get enough!

Things are great with me, I hope the weather gets better it is lovely here in Philadelphia.

Take care

Dan L. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dan L. said...


oops...that was me deleting, just before this post. Too many typos.

I am spending a brief early AM reading some blogs. I like the picture/story of your mother. I have a similar one on my simple blog...way down at the bottom, or maybe already way back in my archives.

I enjoyed your blog. Great stuff!

See ya!


--Dan L.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, yes a dilemma, but we'll make a decision one way or the other. Hope you have some time off over Easter. We're really looking forward to Southend. We tought about staying the night but we have to work on Monday and didn't want to book a day off so we are driving back after the gig. We are off to London visiting friends etc. in a minute so I ope the traffic is OK. Have a good one (if you are not working!) Mark

E.L. Wisty said...

Happy Easter Marietta!

Claire Eliza said...

Blogging has been the best thing ever to happen to me. Not kidding. If I ever am famous, you all are the first I will thank besides my parents! = )

Brina said...

Marietta dear,

Ditto! I am happy to have you in my circle of friends. I love knowing you!


jillytee said...

hello babes hope you have had a lovely Easter, looking forward to seeing you and your sweet mama in Southend. Yes we shall meet up beforhand I'm sure, we will arrange a place soon
jilly xoxxox

BallerinaGurl said...



Nabonidus said...

Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been around
when I honestly adore you! :)
I just commented on something,and I hope you take my words to heart even though I haven't been around much lately! Don't hold onto friends that aren't good to you. Unless it's family or someone like that, of course. But even then, there are limits.If someone is hurting your feelings or being a two-faced backstabber or making you feel bad somehow, don't keep up the relationship.
Hope things get better on this! xoxoLisa