Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh Joy!

On the Saturday of Resurrection I always feel very excited. First of all, very early in the morning, 7:30-8 am, the First Resurrection takes place… This is the most beautiful and exciting ceremony.Priests sing the most cheerful hymns and when they say, or I should say shout “Christ Has Risen” people knock on wooden blocks, leaves are thrown in the air and the church bells ring.

I've only managed to be in 3 of the "First Resurrections" in my life, it is very early in the morning, but I would recommend it to everyone.... On the night, everyone gathers at the church and if the weather is good at the churchyard.The priests again sing cheerful hymns and do readings from the Bible.The Holy Light, directly from Holy Land, is passed to each others bright coloured candles. These coloured candles are usually a gift from our godmother. At exactly midnight, after an “Amen”, which I always recognize, the most joyous thing happens:The priest starts singing “Christ Has Risen” and everyone joins in. The churchbells ring like crazy. People kiss each other, with smiles, wishes and tears of joy. In the islands ships blow their horns. And the most spectacular fireworks fill the sky.
It is absolutely amazing and I love it!
After church all families gather together to eat the “mayeiritsa” a soup made of the lambs intestines (yuk – I hate it and never eat it), but also to smash each other’s red eggs and drink till they drop!

Last night my mother and I went to the Chapel of the Greek Archbishopry in London. We managed to get in and it was absolutely magical… Before the light was given out all the church lights went out.The priest himself passed the light to us. All the people were really beautifully dressed and even the Ex-King and Queen of Greece were there and smashed eggs with my mother! She could not believe it!!!

On the Easter Sunday in Greece, the roasting of the lamb in the big “souvla”, with songs and dance take place. When the food is ready, and I mean A LOT of food of all delicious kinds, the feast from the previous night continues.Wine, wine, wine, food, food, food and dance, dance, dance.
By 7pm everyone is knackered! It is so much fun though and if the Greek weather is sunny it is an experience that no one should ever miss!

Today I was at work! How lovely…



Tausha71979 said...

Hi Love,

Just popping into say hello=) I haven't visited in awhile, so it looks like I have some catching up to do! I hope that you are well, and I promise to write another email soon. I responded to you at my blog, that the last email not reaching you might have been my fault. I have switched emails, and think I wrote it down wrong:( Take care, and hope to chat soon!!


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
Thanks for sharing your traditions with us. I have to admit, as a vegeterian, it's hard to see an animal being roasted, but I'm glad you had a joyful weekend.


Dale said...

Marietta, it sounds as though you have risen, as well!

Isn't it nice having something to celebrate & believe in!

The food looks marvelous, but I am wondering about the red smashed eggs...
The drinking I can understand...

Thanks for sharing such a special occasion with us.

Love to your Mum, too.


PTfan said...

What a celebration! SMASHING!!! : )
Sorry you were at work Sweetie. A terrible place to be on Easter Sunday.

AlianaDrex said...

I don't care for the soup either, even though we have modernized it (no inappropriate lamb parts, and a little chicken too). I still don't like it. Sounds like everything was beautiful. I was at my husband's Yia Yia's house on Greek Easter. I was thinking of you!

BallerinaGurl said...

Lovely celebration! Happy Easter indeed love!