Monday, April 03, 2006

A quick one for the Who Convention, more to follow soon

Ok, this is copied from my account on The Shout, I finished work at 8pm tonight and I have hardly slept for the past three days. I need to get some rest, but little by little I will post pictures and give you more details...

It was U N F O R G E T T A B L E!!!

Well, I'm still amazed by the two wonderful days I had with all of you guys!!!
I had a very busy Sunday today, saying goodbye to some Greek friends, but all day I had images from Friday and Saturday!

Friday night at the Goldhawk was real fun, meeting Meg in person, after blogging and chatting with her in here all these years... Sweet Meg, see you in USA! And of course Mike and Dino, HRH Mr T, Sniff, Pieter and Paul from the Dutch mob, Haribomort and so many others...and - Oh My God! Irish Jack!!!!
The improptu acoustic mini-gig of the Wholigans was a great treat! Unfortunately, I had to catch a train so I left before the second set, but I knew the Convention was going to be awesome!

Saturday morning my backpack with my camera and tripod on my back, jumping from train to train to get to the Bush Hall, I had one thing on my mind: Today is going to be a blast!Ron and

Andy provided me with tapes and I spent all day filming the event. Signore Tornatore eat your heart out!I was on my feet all day, with only a couple of breaks, no food and only a Coke, filming for the DVD. I didn't care, It was fabulous for me! The only thing that upset me was when I didn't get good views...I hope I did a good job.
I had fantastic view during Who's Who - magnificent btw - and during Casbah Club I was very close to the stage and was filming from underneath That was fabulous when Roger came on stage, I got some very good close ups... What a cool guy and what a treat for all of us!

Casbah Club are truly amazing. Any Way She Moves is such a great song. I couldn't get enough of listening to Simon's voice and watching him moving while playing that guitar.

As for the Wholigans ... I have to say they were effing incredible!!!! The energy was amazing. Shakin'All Over - among others - was just unbelieveable! I
hope the film - I was at the side of the stage - captured what great performers they are! Thank you guys so, so much for a fantastic finale to an amazing day!!!!!

One thing that really made my day was meeting Keith Moon's family and especially his mother. I held her hand and told her how much I love her son. It was a catharsis for me, after a very hard winter! She's the most adorable lady with the sweetest smile... And she was very smartly dressed too!
Keith's nieces were very friendly too, one of them - name?- had the same beautiful eyes as Keith. She told me"I'm turning 19 on Wednesday, I didn't know The Who were that big until recently"

Simon Townshend was also very sweet to me, he remembered me from the Basement Jam, we talked a bit about his music (me trying to sing a part of his song) and of course I reminded him that I won Rachel's competition....I also met his daughter Hannah and his niece. Both girls very sweet...

So, more later...! Watch this space!!!


elena said...

Wow, Marietta...It seems that you had a great time...Thanks for sharing your experience. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anne-Marie said...

I'm so happy for you that you got to "work" the convention. Can't wait to hear more stories and see more pics!


Claire Eliza said...

I went at about 8:30 but i didnt see you!
Aw man I can't believe I missed Rog! Ahh!
I'm soo glad you had a great time, but of course you would!
I hung out with Hannah T and her cousin, they are so cool! Wow, the Wholigans Roger is pretty freaky - looks too much like the real one!

Claire Eliza said...

or is it Wholighan?

blue said...

Hi Marietta!!

WHAT A STORY!!Every sentence makes me exciting.Wish I were there..
Thanks for sharing.
Can't wait next episode and pics.

Looking forward to seeing you in this summer!!

Love and thanks,
Tomoko xx

Suesjoy said...

Very cool Marietta!
That's so neat that you got to meet Keith's mom and family...and chat w/Simon and meet Hannah and Simon's niece...they all seem like wonderful people. Very down to earth, aren't they?
I can't believe you were so close to Roger too!
I can't wait for the tour, it's going to be AWESOME.
I've never been to a Who convention - like delbut said it sounds like something only Trekkies do!
Thanks for sharing.
Hopefully see you at Molly's chat Wednesday.
Get some rest you crazy who freak! :)

pieter said...

The niece with the blond hair is
the daughter of Paul Townshend.
She said so to me.
Remember there are 3 Brothers !!
Nice girls....were there all day.


Delbut said...

Hey, Marietta. Have you got a union card to sit behind that drumkit??? Professionals only!

Looking forward to the pics.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, I'm so bloody jealous!! Wish I could have been there. So make sure that you post loads of photos etc. You lucky thing you. Mark

PTfan said...

Girl, you are living it! I am so excited for you. I can't believe you got to meet Keith's mom, hold her hand and talk to her lik ehtat. Isn't it wild that she comes to these Who events? Thank you so much for sharing. I am very envious! Also extremely happy for you. You are such a sweetheart!

Dale said...

OMG Marietta!

I thought it was Keith for a moment...

What a great photo. What a great time. I knew you'd make it to the convention, even though you didn't have tickets for the longest time!

You are one lucky lady!!!!

I am so happy for you.


Marietta said...

Hi all!

Photos with comments and juicy details will be posted today.
I am uploading them to photobucket this morning and as soon as I have some peace and quiet at work I'll write the text....

I'll be working until 8:30pm tonight, I won't make the live Attic, probably not even the first loop... I am so angry!
But from next week it gets better!

See ya

DeeringB said...

Hi Marietta -

Thanks for posting your account of the convention ! It's great to get other perspectives of the day ! What an incredible day it was !
I didn't get to meet Keiths Mum , but I did meet her at the Convention in (I think) 1999 when the book on Keith 'Dear Boy' was launched.
I did see you on the day , camera in hand , smile on face ... but didn't link you to Rachels blog until now. So I never got to say Hi.
No doubt the same case with loads of others.
Look forward to more details when you get a chance to post them.

All the best

JoeBoy said...

Marietta Moon!!!!!!!

Dale said...

Hey Marietta

Any pictures of Lily?