Thursday, April 06, 2006

The long one for the Who Convention!

At last, after four days I can relive the magic and give a few details...

So Friday night, after work, I went to the Goldhawk where a lot of Who nuts, as I call them, were there. People with whom I've been communicating through chatrooms and blogs and never met before. People like the organizer, Ron, my friends Mike and Dino, our blogger friend Meg, Paul who gave me my ticket and cool Mr T, aka Tom Matchett, the MC of the Convention. I had a fantastic Who discussion with "Haribomort". Mate, you have to repeat your name, too dizzy that night to remember it!

As the evening went on, I heard that the Who-nut supremo, Irish Jack Lyons was coming and my heart started beating fast. For those who don't know, Irish Jack is a legend among the Who fans: he was and still is the Who's oldest and greatest fan, knowing the group since they were the Detours. He has written numerous articles, books and stories for the Who and Pete has based Quadrophenia's Jimmy on him. He is still a true Mod and I should say quite handsome!!!

So here I am with him...

...isn't he adorable?

Happy people: Paul, my ticket angel is in the middle and our Meg is far right

At around 10.30 the Wholigans did an Unplugged improptu mini-gig. The Wholigans are the longest running tribute band around. I saw them at the 2003 Convention and they were fantastic, couldn't wait to see them again.
They played A Quick One, Substitute and Magic Bus before I left and they certainly set the mood for the next day!

Barry "Roger" and Chris "Pete"

Next day, was no April Fool's. The day of the Convention was here... I was in a daze. I don't know how I got to the Bush Hall. I got in and the Who's Who were doing a sound check, playing Sparks. The hair on the back of my neck were up and I had tears in my eyes.

I met Simon who treated me like an old friend! We talked about the Attic, the contest I won, his fabulous songs and, guess what else? Blogging! He told me that he'll start blogging again before the end of the tour! Hurrah!!!!

I was going to film the action at the Convention, something that made me happy, especially when I was thinking that I would be at the very front!

I got set up and was ready to shoot just when the doors opened... I was on duty!
I started going around filming the place. Bush Hall is very beautiful and it was full of memorabilia, scooters, a replica of Keith's Pictures of Lily drumkit, John Entwistle's bass guitars, signed photos and millions of other things... I tried to capture everything.
Unfortunately, because I was filming all the time I didn't take a lot of pictures.
I had a break for a Coke and at 3pm Irish Jack came on stage and read stories and poems. I got very angry because people at the back were talking loudly, which I found disrespectful. He was saying very interesting stories about, I suppose, their favourite band and for the purpose of their visit, so why didn't they shut up and listen?

The one thing he said that made my heart beat like Keith Moon was hitting it with his drumsticks, was that Mrs Kitty Moon was in the building! I have been wanting to meet her for many years.

So, after Who's Who played the entire Quadrophenia, with their drummer, Paul Kemp, being a Keith very close to the real thing I run upstairs and greeted the sweet lady. She smiled and listened to me patiently... How many people have told her what I was telling her about her son? Thousands I suppose. But she was looking at me like she heard them for the first time.

This picture was taken by Keith's niece!

I also met Keith's sister, Lesley. A lovely woman, smiling, friendly and I should point out, reminding me a lot of Keith. And two girls, Keith's nieces, who were laughing with my silly jokes and listened attentively to my Keith related follies... What a lovely family, the Moons...

Ace's scooter from Quad

Photo taken by Delbut!

At around 5:30 Casbah Club came on stage. I started pointing at my camcorder and asking people to let me go at the front! Move away, Simon's on stage!!! So here I was at the very front! Casbah Club are incredible! The songs are so energetic and I think everybody felt that. Any Way She Moves is just THE song of the moment!

In the middle of their set I heard someone behind me saying "Look who's here!" I turn on my left and who do I see? None other than Mr Roger Daltrey, standing right next to me! I acted professionally of course and didn't scream, and kept on filming. In a few moments Simon called him on stage and all hell broke loose. People went berserk! I have never seen grown up men shouting "I love you" to another man - not even in Mykonos! But all the tough, tattooed, bearded guys were shouting "I love you, Roger" one after the other...

Roger was the coolest of the cool and sang two songs: Behind Blue Eyes and Substitute. He was stunning looking, relaxed, smiling and I loved him even more after that, if possible! Simon was sooo good singing and playing with Roger!

After...recovering and coming back to reality the Wholigans came on stage to finish us off!
Barry asked us "How do you follow Roger?"
Well, I think they did a pretty good job.
Their energy was amazing, all four of them were really into the whole thing. When they sang Shakin' All Over... I was! Absolutely amazing!

I left the place dizzy, happy, amazed and staaaarving, since I hadn't eaten the whole day.
But for me, music is the food of life!!!


jillytee said...

Oh Marietta what a fantastic review
and what a brilliant time you had. I wish we could have been there but sadly work commitments got in the way. Maybe next time....
Anyway we hope to see you soon, lots of gigs coming up!
Jilly xooxoxoxox

Tausha71979 said...

Hello Marietta,

All I can say is WOW!! Also, I'm so glad that you had such a fabulous time!!!


Delbut said...

Nice one Marietta. very good write up. And i got a credit for the photo. You are too sweet.

See you soon.

Meg said...

I agree Marietta, one of the best times of my life!!! It was so great meeting you I just wish we had more time to spend together, it was a whirlwind! Hopefully when you choose your prize venue you choose one on the east coast so we can meet up again! I would be happy to show you how we do things here in the states!

PTfan said...

Shew! Sounds amazing! I wish I was there with you. Now you need some sleep! Thanks for sharing it all with us. I love how you describe things. What's going to be done with all the film footage you took?

blue said...

Hi Marietta!!

Your fabulous review and pic make me so EXCITING.
Irish Jack and Keith's Mom..WOW.
I can't believe to see their pics.
Thanks for sharing.

Love and kisses,
Tomoko xx

Tracy said...


Thanks for all the info it all sounds great!! I loved the pictures.

WIsh I could have been there, but being in the states and 7 months pregnant that just was ot possible. I can't wait until THE WHO announces their US dates.

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Again I say, you're so lucky to be living in the thick of things!
What I'd give for an opportunity like yours.

All I can do is draw pictures & hope that gets me close enough...

At least I can imagine!!

You deserve it!


DeeringB said...

Hi Marietta -

Thanks for taking the time to post the fantastic account of the day.
You covered it well !
Be sure to post an announcement on Rachael's Blog when you get word that the DVD of the day is finished and available.
Can't wait to get a copy and re-live it all.

Wonderful stuff !


greekzoe said...

Hi Marietta!

Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous time. Your review is great. Makes me feel like I was there too. Your pictures too. I love the one with you and Keith's drums and his mum!! She seems like a really wonderful person. I am quite sure that there isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't think of her son. And hearing things from his fans makes her day.

Thanks for sharing this awesome experience with us.


Tell your mama I said hello!!

Grace said...

Wow, Marietta, what a fantastic time. Would love to have been there, and standing next to Mr. Daltrey. Whew! Thanks for sharing x Grace

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
what a great review of the day. I'm so glad you managed to go and meet up with all the lovely people in the Who community. Aren't the Wholigans a hoot? They used to play (with Barry at the helm) in Toronto in the early 80s. I still remember them from back then.

Great photos!


Dale said...


I forgot to mention that I am also in awe of Irish Jack, The Who's greatest fan.

He is looking great!


Dale said...

You'll never get rid of me at this rate...

Mrs. Moon looks like such a sweet lady. She must be, by attending all the conventions over the years. What a wonderful tribute to her son & his fans!

It's a slightly bittersweet feeling...


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, a great write up!! Sounds like it was an incredible event and I'M STILL JEALOUS!!! Mark

JoeBoy said...

Irish Jack is a character. Looks like you had some fun. I am happy for you. I probably could only handle a few hours of the convention, but it would be fun.

BallerinaGurl said...

Thanks babe for my wonderful post. You are too good to me. WOW lovely time looks like you had at the convention. I know you are on cloud nine!

I have to run, very tired and long weekend with Charlotte. Loads of kisses. Chat with you soon. Would love to talk on the phone too as well.


BallerinaGurl said...

Thanks babe for my wonderful post. You are too good to me. WOW lovely time looks like you had at the convention. I know you are on cloud nine!

I have to run, very tired and long weekend with Charlotte. Loads of kisses. Chat with you soon. Would love to talk on the phone too as well.


E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Marietta!

Sounds like it was an absolutely fantastic occasion, the convention! Excellent job with not losing it seeing Roger right beside you, well done :)

Oh would the spring come...I've been looking at the daily temperature info around the world in the newspaper and have noticed the +18 C in Athens. Sigh.

Brina said...

Marietta, this is a wonderful account of a very eventful couple of days for you. Thank you, and the photos are great. I could feel the excitement. How nice that Simon really knew you as you...that's great...I'm glad to hear that.

You should visit my blog and read about my romantic perils. I'm ok, but wounded!

Love, Brina

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, just looked at Renes Blog and I see you are off to Southend in May. So are we! Can't wait, should be good. Mark

Tausha71979 said...

Marietta!! Get out of the Who clouds, I miss you! Stop by for a visit if you get a chance...

Much Love

Dale said...


Thanks for your kind, understanding & good words on my blog.

I love writing metaphorically & this one was a challenge!

It fell together nicely by using all my musical personalities & thinking in the shower...



Koos F said...

Hi Marietta
Thanks a million for your excellent report of the Convention.
I just told Val about your encounter with Keith's mother, sister and nieces. Damn, tears in my eyes. Tells it all, doesn't it?
I would have attended but was in South Africa, well, you know.

DERICK said...

Marietta, It was wonderful to meet you at the Convention and I thank you so much for helping us out with filming the Convention,that was really nice of you. I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself and got to see Roger, and meet the Moon family who are all lovely people especially Keith's mum! All the bands were great and Roger and Simon's minutes on stage were just awesome! A fabulous day inded!

Barry said...

I was just surfing and came across your blog.
I'm glad we were a part of a memorable day for you, and trust me it was VERY memorable for us.

See you in Sept 07 :)