Sunday, May 14, 2006

Old Joke

Something happened to me.
Something that has put me into thoughts and started to make me worry...

First I need to explain a few things:
  1. Until I was around 20-21 years old, I looked very, very young, always years younger than my actual age.When I was 14 and my friends and I went to the cinema to watch Endless Love the cashier wouldn't let me in because I looked like 8 or 10! And so it went all my adolescent life. To tell you the truth, I thought it sucked. Like all the little girls, I wanted to look older. But my mom used to tell me "When you're fourty, you'll look like 25". Blame her then! I grew up with the notion that I will look forever young. Oh, what an illusion...

  1. In the Greek language, the plural but also the form of courtesy of You is Εσείς(eseis). Between friends we call each other Εσύ (esy), which is the regular You. It's like the french Vous, the spanish Usted, the italian Lei.

So here's what happened:
I have a few Greek friends at work. Most of them are in the middle 20s. We are all friendly and none of us ever felt any age gaps.
A few months ago I met a Greek girl at around 19yrs old. I heard her calling me Εσείς. At first I didn't give any notice, I said I didn't hear correctly. Then she repeated it. I looked behind me to see if there were more of us around. No, just me. She said it a third time.

That's when I asked her. "Why are you keep refering to me as Εσείς?

And that's when she killed me: "Because I respect You (Εσείς)!"

And then I met another Greek girl, in her middle 20s. She also referred to me as Εσείς. Oh, come on... I also asked her why and to refer to me as Εσύ and you know what happened?
She completely ignored my plea.

So mom was wrong, wrong, wrong. I turn 40 next Monday. And although I (will always) feel 16, I think I might look a bit older...

The thing is how big is this bit?


jillytee said...

Well i think you look terrific babes not a day over 39 (JOKE)!!!!
SERIOUSLY though you are very young looking, as is your dear Mama, it must run in the family. Maybe it's because you're little?
But who cares anyway? it's the beautiful person inside who counts
not how old or young you look. (mind you it is nice to look a bit younger than you are)! lol
jilly xxx

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Who cares how old we look?
As long as we're healthy & happy!

I have always looked younger than my years, but recently I've noticed some ageing that has happened.
I'll be 50 next year so I really can't complain & people who meet me cant believe I'm as old as I am.
I don't think it has so much to do with looks, but how we feel inside.

Yes, I can say that sometimes I still feel sixteen & some days nine hundred & sixteen...

You look great & I see how happy you are in all your photos & in your writing.

There's nothing wrong with being referred to as "vous" & being respected - that goes along with having wisdom & wisdom can only come from experience.

I will wish you an early welcome to your fourth decade of experience!

Here's to the acquisition of wisdom!


Marietta said...

Oh Jilly, thank you, big sis, for your compliments.
Just to set the record straight, this was not the purpose of my blog, hahaha. I just wanted to express my disappointment. It was the first time someone just saw me as "old" after being always the "little one"...

Dale,thanks for your sweet words about my incredible wisdom and valuable experience ;o) Thanks for your wishes.
And yes, here's to the acquisition of wisdom and may I add to enhanced sex appeal.
Because the 40-year-old woman=2X20-year-old girls, hehe.

Healthy and happy's the word, I agree, because that little bitch, with all her make-up and lifestyle in a couple of years she will look like a wreck, and I'll look like a young looking 42-year-old.


Anne-Marie said...

You are going to love being in your 40s, trust me- best decade ever.

I'm not sure when I went from being Miss to being Ma'am, but I think it really depends on how people are raised at home and whether they perceive you as older than them, etc... I agree with Dale, don't sweat it, be happy with who you are, and just enjoy it. There's something really sexy about confident, radiant women of any age.

Of course, it didn't hurt when the curator at Shrewsbury Abbey asked me in 2001 (when I was 38) if I intended to use my student card.


Elaine said...

Think of it as being 18 with 22 years experience. ;-)

blue said...

Hi Marietta!

I've always been looked younger(much youger?lol) than my acutual age. You will see in
So I can understand how you feel.

Some of my friend told me
"I am unknown age girl"
I don't know that is good or bad meaning??
Let's say we are real good looking girls to them!!

My boss allowed to me to go to London in JULY.Hurrah!!
I'll email to you later.

Love and cheers

Tomoko xx

E.L. Wisty said...

Ooh, perhaps these girls just were brought up traditionally, to follow all the traditional manners. If it's any consolation, I am 29 and am regularly addressed as You (the courtesy form) in the local stores.

greekzoe said...

I know where you are coming from. Back in the day when I was your age, I used to work with a girl who made it a point to make me feel older. She used to tell me that people over age 35 shouldn't even be having sex. She was an idiot. One day I will see her again, hopefully when she is over 35 and I will ask her if she quit having sex.
You are about to enter the best decade. I love being in my forties. I hope the fifties are just as good.


Anne-Marie said...

Hey Zoe,
I have a feeling your friend who is now over 35 would like to eat her words. I would think a lot of women would argue the opposite. :)

Loving the forties- best decade so far.


Brina said...

Marietta my dear,

The forties are a wonderful decade. You are more yourself than ever before, except for in childhood, and you are energetic and happy and not so concerned with others' opinions of you. So you will follow your path...and be happy!

Which day is your actual birthday?

Welcome to your '40s. I sure love mine and will miss them in another two years when I turn 50!