Saturday, May 27, 2006

Five days in Athens

Hello all, I'm back! This is long overdue, so many things happened, but I will try to be succinct!

Yes, both to and fro flights were quite pleasant, especially after listening to the Olympic Airlines' English (letse tsetremen=Ladies and Gentlemen), hilarious.
My important meeting went well, but I can't say anything till I have more news...(yes, the mystery continues)
My sister and nephew came to welcome us at the gorgeous Athens airport and the festivities began...

Saturday 20th of May - Eurovision party at my sister's house

My sister's dog, Norma, shows me how much she's missed me

My nephew, Nicholas, me and the dogs, Bruno and Norma

Me, Nicholas and his best friend Andreas. Last summer they were both shorter than me...

My sister, Liana and her sister, Marietta.
The T-shirts were especially made by Liana for the night

Monday 22nd of May - The big 4-0 my God!

My sister bringing the cake. I invited a few close friends to my house and we had a lovely time.

Never mind the candles, the cake was yummy!

Yes, I made a wish before I blew the candles, but I'm not telling you what!

I'm effing 4o, so, what's with the smile?

I managed to see a lot of friends, unfortunately I visited my good friend Martha in the hospital. The best bit was that I enjoyed driving around Athens and listening to my music. I went to the Olympic Village and to the new shopping mall, called...The Mall. On Tuesday I went to the centre of Athens with the cable car and it was like when I was in a different city, not the Athens I once knew and hated.
The heat was something else. A heatwave that made you ill. I wanted to go to the beach but there was no time.
My next trip will be at the end of July, until the last days of August. I will go to Spetses, like every summer and just bask in the sun. That's all I do!

Hope you're having a fun weekend. Off to do some shopping now, there's nothing in my fridge! I will visit your blogs tomorrow.

Love to all


blue said...

Hi Marietta!

Glad to hear you had a great time and the BIG 40 "moment"in Athens surrounded by people who love you.You looks so happy, that makes me happy ♪

The Who US Tour date will be announced very near future!!
Can't wait.If my boss allowed me,I am going to some gigs in USA.
OH!About one month to Hyde Park Calling.Hurrah♪See you there!


Koos F said...

Hi Marietta!
Glad you're back after a good time in Greece!
I remember turning fifty, great feeling, completely forgotten about 40. Strange...

You are building up a wonderful music document on your other pages, what a passion behind it.

Do you like Tommy by an all star line-up and London Symphony Orchestra?
Then go to this post

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
Great pictures! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

To answer your own question, you're smiling because you're effing forty!

Take care,

Dale said...

My Dear Marietta

I am glad you made it through your birthday - this coming from a 40 something veteran!

It sounds like you had a great time in Greece visiting your family. But it wasn't long enough, was it? It seems that it's never long enough to visit home when on lives far away from family.
I will be going to visit my family with my 2 youngest kids the first 2 weeks of August!

I enjoyed looking at the photos & you're smiling simply BECAUSE you're 40!

Re: my Da Vinci Ode - the titles of some AC/DC songs are in my previous post. In case you were wondering...

Take care & keep well.


Mark T said...

Hi Forty Year Old Marietta, I remember when I was forty and it was one of those times when i really thought about life. I've always had a view that if you reach eighty in reasonable health then you haven't done bad. So at forty I was half way and did a lot of thinking. But as Koos says, you forget all about it and life goes on. Nice photos of your trip and I am mystified by your secret meeting etc. Are you going to any Who gigs? Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mark

Meg said...

Thanks for stopping in again, I always love your visits! I also hope we see each other again soon, possibly New York in September????

Fingers crossed!

Suesjoy said...

Hi Marietta-
Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Family and friends - that's what it's all about...especially on your birthday.
No time for the beach though?
Oh man sweltering heat and no relief - that's kind of a bummer. Still you look happy!
Take care,
Sue D.

lryicsgrl said...

Wot? No beach??? That is BLASPHEMOUS to be in GREECE and not put one foot on the beach!!!!

Happy 40th Birthday, and welcome to the club, many happy ones to follow....


Lipstick Addiction said...

Hello Love! I just love the name of the Mall! LOL made me crack up for sure! I also wonder if we guess what you wished for or if there is a similar wish to our guess are you giving out a prize? Hmmmm...must be a Greek one dahlin'!

Love the photos!

Much love!


Metalchick said...

Hi Marietta,
Happy Birthday! I had a birthday too, mine was on the 26th. My brother came over to visit us over the weekend.
Glad to hear that you had a great time in Athens with your family.

greekzoe said...

Welcome back Marietta!

It looks like you had a great time. I hope the 40's are treating you well. I am sure they will.

We are having one of those heatwaves here. Hate it! As each summer passes, I vow I am moving to Sweden.


Your sister's dog is so cute!!

Dale said...


When you get a chance, check out the photo I posted on my blog.
It blew me away when I first saw it - I just had to change my ID photo!


Mike S said...

Hi Marietta!!

The pics are so gorgeous-beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by to say aye!
40 aint so bad,you still look as
young and stunning as you were
two decades ago! I mean it!Talk
to you soon! ;)

PTfan said...

Hi Marietta. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday!

So Nicholas is a musician? I noticed the gear in the photos.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us through the photos. I really enjoy it.

Tausha71979 said...

Hello FAB at 40!!!

I am so glad that you had a good birthday! Awe Norma is really sweet, I bet she loved the smooches!!! I must come visit someday, everything you share looks and sounds so beautiful!!

Much Love

jillytee said...

Hi babes! your holidays sound lovely though I bet it seems far away now. Yesterday we recieved a postcard from your dear mommy Lia, so please thank her and say I hope we all meet again some day
jill xoxoxox

Anne-Marie said...

go see Pete's blog! It's baaaack!


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, thanks for letting me know about Petes Blog. Amazing how so many people found out. My comment was 263. Tea time must go. See ya! Mark