Sunday, November 12, 2006

iMixed emotions

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Well, helloooo.
Yesterday I had one of the most difficult interviews of the last five years! It was where I work, basically doing the same things I'm doing now, but jumping into a new department, with a little bit more money. I had two people interviewing me, one of them used to be my manager, and they literally asked me about every single word on my CV! God, it was exhausting but I think I gave the right answers and I was pretty cool, so fingers and toes crossed.

Mood-wise it's a mixed bag. On Friday, when they told me I had landed an interview, I was feeling really happy. Yesterday I was feeling scared and insecure again. I receive emails from people who have been in Who shows and Attic Jams, and although I'm so happy for them, I feel like sh*t because I SO want to be there too!!! Talk about mood swings. But when I come in here and write about it, it feels pretty damn good!

In the meantime, when I come home at night I watch my Charmed series (currently on series 7) and love the music they chose. Especially the songs they play after the opening titles, with the best aerial shots of gorgeous San Francisco... It drives me crazy! I had never heard some of the songs before, like the brilliant But I Do Love You by Leann Rimes, and I learned it from Series 5!
That is why I made this iMix with songs from the series and other ones that I think would fit. I dropped a couple of Who songs in it... hehe.
If you have iTunes click the picture above or this link:
and it will open your iTunes so you can see my iMix and download the songs you like. And don't forget to rate my iMix! Oh, what a time waster, LOLOLOL.

Today is one of the few Sundays I'm not working, hurrah! I'm going to cook a delish lunch and watch a movie (the mind-numbing Failure To Launch, but hey, I want to escape) and then, guess what???? I'll come to your blogs!

For the mo,

Muchas kissas xxxxx


Anne-Marie said...

Hi sweetie,
I hope that your interview will lead to success. I know how you feel about the Who shows here- I felt like that in June while everyone in the UK was meeting Rachel and Pete and having a fabulous Who time. They will swing around again in your neck of the woods, so be patient!

Sending you lots of positive vibes!

Steve H said...

Hey Marietta

Hope you're well!!


jillytee said...

hi babes, keeping everything crossed for your success, how long will they keep you waiting?
you sound brighter so hang in there good things are just around the corner I'm sure
xoxox jill

Tausha71979 said...

I adore you Marietta! Best of luck on the job searching/interviews. I know that it can be so crazy and at times make you want to crawl back in bed..You'll get there though, you have a wonderful attitude about it:)

I know what you mean about ITA, I would so love to be there. They are never that far from me, and I haven't made it to a single one!! Money is an issue most times, or schedule problems:( Hopefully I will go to Chicago..

Keep your chin up..MUAH!!!